1. Voted to deny the request by Waterford Park, LLC to rezone 34.39 acres in the Lincoln Industrial Park from (I) Industrial to (BH) Business Highway.
  2. Voted to adopt the statement that the Board of Commissioners finds that Waterford Park, LLC's request to rezone the 34.39 acres from (I) Industrial to (BH) Business Highway is inconsistent with the provisions of the Town's zoning ordinance and with the established pattern of land use in a district that was originally established for industrial purposes.
  3. Voted to waive all fees for re-submittal of a future rezoning application from Waterford Park, LLC.
  4. Voted to hire Tracie Davis for the position of Town Administrator with a start date of January 7, 2007.
  5. Voted to table the hiring of Ms. Karen Thomas until January 2007 with the understanding that a probationary period will be a part of that procedure.
  6. Voted to proceed to seek remediation of Code Enforcement Case #07-011.
  7. Voted to adopt Municipal Speed Limit Ordinance 2006-84.
  8. Voted to table contract renewal for the Town Webmaster.
  1. Voted to go into Closed Session to discuss an update on the Town Administrator.
  2. Voted to include an item entitled "Town Administrator" on the December 18th, 2006 Agenda.
  1. Approved rescheduling of Charrette with the Lawrence Group to a date after the beginning of 2007.
  2. Voted to continue abatement process of zoning ordinance violation on 152 Main Street.
  3. Voted to proceed with attorney participation on property abandonment case#07-016.
  4. Approved R07-04 - Resolution in Support of a Brunswick County Events Center.
  5. Approved R07-05 -Resolution of Appreciation to Belville Elementary School Principal Joyce Beatty.
  6. Approved allocation of funds for Operation Downtown Cleanup.
  7. Approved sponsorship of the North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce-3rd Annual Business Expo.
  1. Moved to go into closed session concerning an update on the Town Administrator.
  2. Voted to pursue abatement of zoning ordinance violation on 152 Main Street.
  1. Approved R07-03 - Resolution of Order of Collection for Tax Collector for the year of 2006
  2. Approved an inter-local agreement with the Town of Leland for Animal Control and a corresponding animal control ordinance.
  3. Moved to pursue the annexation of NCDOT right-of-ways located on Hwy 133.
  4. Voted to move the November Board of Commissioners regular meeting from November 27th to November 20th and the December Board of Commissioners meeting to December 18th.
  1. Voted to follow the 8/16/06 recommendation of the Belville Planning Board, which found that the adoption of the text amendment for moratoria authority would be consistent with the recommendation in the Strategic Plan, but also to provide for any possible public health emergency where it might be reasonable and in the public interest to authorize such an ordinance.
  2. Voted to accept the text amendment as presented by the Planning Board in the 8/16/06 Public Hearing #1, Exhibit A, "As provided in G. S. 160A-381(e), the Board of Commissioners shall have the authority to adopt ordinances establishing temporary moratoria on any required municipal development approval process. The duration of any such development moratoria, including any renewals or extensions thereof, shall be reasonable in light of the specific conditions, which warrant their imposition and shall not exceed the period of time necessary to correct, modify or resolve such conditions. The requirements and procedure for the Board of Commissioners' adoption, renewal and extension of ordinances establishing temporary development moratoria, and those situations to which any such moratoria shall not apply, shall be as set forth in the aforementioned statutory authority including any amendments thereto".
  3. Voted to set up committee to identify the downtown Belville area and to establish an overlay zone.
  4. Voted to deny the rezoning request from Waterford Park LLC (Industrial [I] to Multi-Family [MF]at this time.
  5. Voted to adopt Attorney Eldridge's statement that "denying the applicant's request for rezoning is consistent with pertinent provisions of the town's Land Use Plan, and that it is reasonable, given those provisions, to continue to promote industrial development in the town and that the same is in the best interest of the public.
  6. Voted to ratify the business conducted at the 9/18/06 joint meeting between Belville and Leland regarding the formation of a committee to survey public opinion on a possible merger on the condition that the committee will not start until after Belville's Master Plan has been completed.
  7. Voted to adopt Resolution R07-02 certifying that the Leland Volunteer Fire/Rescue Department serves the Town of Belville.
  1. A workshop between the Belville Board of Commissioners and the Belville Planning Board, no actions were taken.
  1. Voted to convene a committee made up of one elected representative from each town (Belville and Leland), two citizens from each town, one county commissioner, and one citizen from each of the unincorporated areas, to conduct a survey in Belville and Leland to determine the peoples will with regard to a possible merger of those two towns.
  1. Voted to release Attorney Margaret Jennings as Attorney for the Town of Belville and negotiate a contract, favorable to the Town of Belville, making Attorney Jim Eldridge Attorney for the Town of Belville.
  2. Voted to hire the Lawrence Group using the amended contract submitted by Attorney Jim Eldridge, to help implement the Town of Belville Master Plan.
  3. Voted to approve the hiring of Tracie Davis as Town Administrator pending a background check.
  1. Voted that Belville Town Hall should, for the time being, remain at its current location, 117-G Village Road, Leland, NC.
  2. Voted to appoint Mr. Stuart Smith and Town Clerk Athina Williams to the Technical Review Committee (TRC).
  3. Voted to budget $2000 needed to implement the Animal Control Ordinance.
  1. Vote to remove Code Revision Project as an item under "Old Business" and placing it as an update or as "New Business" in October.
  2. Voted to have Attorney Eldridge revise the contract with the Lawrence Group prior to the September 8, 2006 Board meeting, at which time the contract will be included in the agenda for discussion with the Lawrence Group in attendance.
  3. Town Administrator Elizabeth Rollinson administered the Oath of Office to ABC Board Chairman Howard Armistead.
  4. Voted to appoint Stephen Windham to serve as ABC Board Member.
  5. Town Administrator Elizabeth Rollinson administered the Oath of Office to ABC Board Member Stephen Windham.
  6. Voted to adopt the timeline recommended by Mayor Long with regard to conducting a public hearing on the text amendment for moratoria authority on September 25, 2006 and the acceptance or rejection of a moratorium at the October 23, 2006 Town Meeting.
  7. Voted to have Ms. Rollinson assist in the interim period with the staffing transition at a rate of $25/hr. without restriction of hours.
  8. Voted to issue a ten percent (10%) salary increase to each Town staff member.
  9. Town Administrator Rollinson administered the Oath of Office to Tax Collector Athina Williams, appointed as Interim Town Clerk, to Finance Clerk Chris Sammons, appointed Interim Finance Officer, and to Mayor David Long as Budget Officer.
  10. Voted to approve Account Clement Goodson to perform the Town of Belville's yearly audit.
  11. Voted to appoint the committee members to the Technical Review Committee (TRC).
  • Voted on the following:
    1. Mayor discusses options for Town of Belville staffing with COG Executive Director Chris May.
    2. Temporary wage increase for Staff due to additional workload.
    3. Recommendation as to how to move forward with temporary staff.
    4. Cape Fear Council of Government contract.
    5. Approval of ad posting.
    6. To whom will the temporary assistant report.
  1. Voted to engage the Lawrence Group for the Town of Belville's Master Plan.
  2. Voted to advertise bids for a part-time finance contractor.
  3. Voted to hire a Deputy Town Clerk.
  1. Finance Officer Elizabeth Rollinson reported that the General fund, Certificates of Deposit, Petty Cash, the NC Capital Trust Account, Powell Bill Funds, and Capital Reserve Account provide the Town of Belville with an available total of $380, 737.39.
  2. Voted to have Attorney Eldridge attend the Planning Board meetings as legal council for the Town of Belville.
  3. Voted to approve the Belville Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (EJT) Text Amendment on Institutional District with selected items:
      Public or Private Schools
      Public Parks or Playgrounds
      Churches will be special use
  4. Voted to move the Code Revision Project to the August 28, 2006 town meeting agenda as a new item Code Revision Update.
  5. Agreed that Attorney Jennings and Town Administrator Rollinson would meet to finalize the Belville animal control ordinance for adoption by August 14, 2006.
  6. Agreed that Commissioner Thurlow and Town Administrator Rollinson would decide a meeting date for the Board to discuss the pros and cons of the Master Plans submitted by both Perkins-Eastman and the Lawrence Group.
  7. The Oath of Office was administered to Howard Armistead, ABC Board Chairman, and the appointment to the ABC Board vacancy.
  8. Voted to change Town Council meetings from twice a month to once a month, beginning the fourth Monday, September 25, 2006.
  9. Voted to do a moratorium, take steps to have Attorney Eldridge help with the drafting of this document, and to have the public hearing Monday, August 14, 2006, 7 pm, and meet the standard per a sixty-one (61) day moratorium and ten (10) and no more than twenty-five (25) days.
  10. Voted for the Town of Belville to notice a public hearing for Monday, August 14, 2006, on the question of adopting an ordinance establishing a development moratorium approval process for sixty-one (61) days or greater.
  11. Voted for a moratorium duration of six (6) months.
  12. Voted for an approval process to include Central Business District, rezoning requests, subdivisions, and PUD's.
  1. Voted to proceed with the move to Main Street, Belville as a new Town Hall location.
  2. Voted to make the ABC Board's salaries consistent as follows: Chairman $225, ABC Board Members $125.
  3. Voted 3 - 1 to appoint Howard Armistead as the new ABC Board Chairman for a term of 3 years.
  1. Voted to have Attorney Eldridge review procedures, conflict of interest and perform due diligence to determine if the PUD applicant complies with the ordinance and comprehensive land use plan.
  2. Voted to move forward in an attempt to negotiate for development of a comprehensive plan with Perkins Eastman to lower price from $230,000.
  3. Agreed that Attorneys Jennings and Eldridge will review proposed code of ordinances to provide a recommendation and bring summary of changes from the 2002 ordinances for a public hearing in September.
  4. Agreed that Mayor Long would bring a report to set dates for Belville and Leland to meet to discuss the annexation of properties: Birch Creek (20 parcels), Glendale (44 parcels), and Stoney Creek (49 parcels).
  5. Agreed that Mayor Long would follow up with Mr. Joey Crisp about what renovations would be necessary before Belville Town Hall could relocate to that property.
  6. Voted to appoint Elizabeth Rollinson as budget officer.
  7. Mayor administered the Oath of Office to Administrator Rollinson.
  8. Voted to adopt amendment to section 13.09 of the Business Policy and Procedures Manual regarding Information Technology Committee.
  9. Voted to support proposed redesign of Gregory Street as long as there is no negative financial impact to any property owners.
  10. Announced resignation of town clerk Nancy Avery effective June 30, 2006 to accept a position with the town of Kure Beach, NC as town clerk.
  11. Voted to appoint Administrator Rollinson as interim town clerk.
  12. Mayor administered the Oath of Office to Administrator Rollinson.
  13. Voted to adopt the Town Administrator Ordinance with minor changes specific to state statutes and grammatical corrections.
  14. Voted to adopt budget ordinance amendment O05-1.7.
  15. Voted to adopt resolution R06-47 supporting the Brunswick County Solid Waste Management Plan.
  1. Mayor Long presented Resolution R06-45 to Andrea Frink of the County ACE Department.
  2. Voted to allocate any excess local sales tax over the budgeted amount, not to exceed $25,000, to go to the Capital Reserve fund for town hall building.
  3. Voted to rent a utility shed for storage of tools, not to exceed $100 a month or $1200 a year.
  4. Voted to allow the pre-evaluation of a retirement plan at an approximate cost of $210 plus $37 per employee.
  5. Voted to adopt ordinance #2006-80 for the 2006-2007 Budget Ordinance.
  6. Voted to renew lease at 117-G Village Road on a month to month basis with a 90 day written notice to terminate.
  7. Appointed Scott Evans to the Planning Board by a 3 - 1 vote to fill Stephanie Bessmer's appointment, which expires in June 2007.
  8. Appointed Scott Milligan to the Planning Board by a 3 - 1 vote for a new three- year term to expire June 2009.
  9. Appointed David Stanley to the Planning Board by a 3 - 1 voted for a new three-year term to expire June 2009.
  10. Voted to approve amendment to section 3.03 of the Business Policy.
  11. Voted to apply for the Small Town Main Street Program at no cost to the town.
  12. Voted to approve the 2005-2006 Budget Amendment O05-1.6.
  13. Voted not to purchase Leland Dixie Youth Baseball Park sign due to additional cost.
  14. Voted to repeal previously adopted Services Policy and adopt revised Service Policy.
  15. Voted to adopt ordinance 2006-81, Establishing Speed Limit - Municipal Certification Form for 45-mph Speed Limit Ordinance on US 17 Superstreet.
  16. Voted to add Athina Williams as Tax Collector effective July 1, 2006.
  17. Mayor administered the Oath of Office of Tax Collector to Ms. Williams.
  1. Agreed to amend zoning ordinances to add an institutional zoning district to allow for schools as permanent use.
  2. Agreed there would be no change in service or charge to Brunswick County Schools.
  3. Agreed there would be no change, no issue to Belville ordinance regarding stub-out in PUD approved by the Brunswick County Planning Board in November 2005.
  4. Agreed there would be no change, no issue to Belville ordinance regarding road widths in PUD approved by the Brunswick County Planning Board in November 2005 since Belville must honor plans approved by the county.
  5. Agreed to have clerk confirm TRC committee and meeting dates.
  6. Agreed to commit to annexation within ten years.
  7. Agreed to updating Land Use Plan Zoning of ETJ area.
  8. Agreed that Parcels 048CA018, 048CA020, 038KA001 will be zoned R10 (residential 10,000), and Parcels 038NA00101, 038NA002, 038NA003 will be zoned P-I (Public and Institutional)-Belville Elementary School parcels.
  9. Agreed Belville's zoning ordinance addresses nonconformity, no change, no issue.
  1. Voted to approve April, 2006 Finance Report.
  2. Voted to review applications for the Tax Collector and maintenance worker positions, narrow applications to three each and inform the clerk when interviews could be set up.
  3. Voted to adopt mission statement and five-year strategic plan.
  4. Voted not to take action on Services Policy, not to adopt resolutions R06-41 and 42, and for Commissioner Thurlow to work with Attorney Eldridge to revise the current street policy per statutory regulations.
  5. Voted to have Attorney Jennings work out a mutually acceptable agreement with the landlord regarding the lease at 117-G Village Road.
  6. Voted to adopt resolution R06-43 to expand the Metropolitan Planning Organization boundary.
  7. Voted to adopt resolution R06-44 regarding the distribution of ABC Store proceeds, designating 7% or the 2006-2007 ABC Store proceeds to the DARE program and allowing the Board to make future designation each year at budget time.
  8. Voted to release $4000 of ABC Store proceeds from the 2005-2006 fiscal year to the same schools as last year's distribution.
  9. Voted to add discussion of the authority of the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances on the 6/12/06 agenda and invite Vagn Hansen, the consulting planner with the NC Commerce Department to attend that meeting.
  10. Voted to waive the requirements of the Appointment to Boards and Committees to make an appointment to the Planning Board at this meeting.
  11. Voted to appoint Steve O'Rourke to the Planning Board.
  12. Mayor administered the Oath of Office to Steve O'Rourke.
  1. Adopted Appointment for Boards and Committees Policy.
  2. Agreed to hold a workshop with the planning board on the ETJ (extraterritorial jurisdiction) request submitted to the county for the school board property and three other parcels around the school. Workshop will be May 24 at 6 pm before the regular planning board meeting at 7 pm.
  3. Voted to expand planning board membership from 5 - 7 seats. Applications to be accepted until 6/9/06 and appointments to be made 6/12/06.
  4. Voted to increase the Town Clerk salary from $29,458 to $33,102 effective 5/16/06.
  5. Voted to hire Edward McKinnon in the part time position of maintenance worker for the Transportation Department.
  6. Voted to approve Ordinance O05-1.5 Budget Amendment.
  1. Voted to participate in distribution of maps of county by Southport-Oak Island and North Brunswick Chamber of Commerce at a cost of $339.00.
  2. Announced that Lyndsey Mondoro resigned from the position of Tax Collector.
  3. Voted to post an advertisement for the position of Tax Collector.
  4. Voted to purchase a 4 x 8 outfield sign at Leland Dixie Youth Baseball Park - $100 per year
  5. Appointed Perry Davis, Michael Jefferson and Michael Scaturro to the Planning Board.
  6. Voted to approve Ordinance O05-1.4 Budget Amendment.
  1. Meeting was cancelled to allow commissioners and town clerk to attend county Planning Board meeting on Belville's ETJ (extraterritorial request).
  1. Reviewed Pavement Condition Survey presented by Right Angle Engineering to determine overall conditions of roads in Belville not maintained by DOT.
  2. Commissioners adopted Windshield Survey of areas annexed 8/17/05- total of 362 occupied homes with 2.6 persons each for a total of 941 population.
  3. Adopted Resolution R06-37 to amend the Business Procedures and Policy Manual to remove previous authority to Planning Board to establish committees.
  4. Adopted public access to email policy.
  5. Appointed Perry Davis, Michael Jefferson and Michael Scaturro to the Planning Board.
  6. Cancelled 4/10/06 meeting to allow commissioners to attend County Planning Board meeting on Belville's request for Extraterritorial Jurisdiction.
  7. Voted to petition General Assembly to adopt town limits map as adopted by Belville on 11/14/05.
  1. Approved Conflict of Interest Policy for all board and committee members and employees.
  2. Voted to accept applications for three positions on Planning Board that need to be filled - one is a vacancy, two are expired terms. Applications accepted until 3/24/06 with appointments to be made 3/26/06.
  3. Voted to request assistance with planning and redevelopment from the State Department of Commerce.
  4. Adopted timeline for review and approval of National Flood Insurance Ordinance as follows:
    • 3/29/06- draft of ordinance to Planning Board for review
    • 4/26/06 - Planning Board to hold Public Hearing
    • 5/8/06 - Town Board to hold Public Hearing and vote - Planning Board to present recommendation to Town Board
The Board of Commissioners:
  1. Approved a services policy to include road maintenance on roads in town limits (excluding privately owned roads and roads owned/maintained by DOT) and street lights.
  2. Appointed Buddie Ennis to vacant commissioner seat
  3. Hired media consultant (Kendra Gerlach) for Strategic Planning sessions on Comprehensive Plan development for town.
  4. Adopted budget process procedures and calendar for 2006-2007 budget.
  5. Approved Strategic Leadership Team to establish committees and appoint members for development of Comprehensive Plan for town.
  6. Voted not to extend probationary period for town planner hired in Nov. 2005.
  7. Presented resolution of appreciation and thanks to Sheriff Hewett of Brunswick County.
The Board of Commissioners:
  1. Approved Order of Advertisement of Tax Liens for past due ad valorem taxes.
  2. Presented resolution of appreciation and thanks to Leland Volunteer Fire/Rescue.
  3. Approved resolution to Brunswick County of intent to exercise Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (zoning).
  4. Approved Windshield Survey to update census for recently annexed areas.
  5. Announced applications for commissioner vacancy received from Stephanie Bessmer, Mark McAllister and Buddie Ennis.
The Board of Commissioners:
  1. adopted a resolution stating that the development of a master plan for the town was a first priority
  2. adopted a resolution to hire Brunswick Surveying to prepare a map and legal description for property on and around the Belville Elementary School. This information shall be used to request Extraterritorial Jurisdiction for zoning purposes from Brunswick County.
  1. David Long resigned his commissioner position and was appointed mayor by unanimous vote at the 1/9/06 meeting. The mayor position became vacant when Michael King Sr. resigned effective 1/4/06.

  2. Lyndsey Mondoro was hired as the regular full time tax collector effective January 16, 2006.

  3. Anthony Huskey was reappointed to the Belville ABC Board to serve a three year term.

  4. Mayor Long was appointed to represent the town at the Cape Fear Council of Government Executive Committee meetings.

  5. Two text amendments to the zoning ordinance concerning map preparation were approved.

  6. The Town Board voted to begin a new Extraterritorial Jurisdiction request for the property around Belville Elementary school.

  7. The Town Board voted to extend the terms of three members of the Planning Board until February 28, 2006 for Stuart Smith, Nelson Zabransky and Jack Batson.
  1. A new town limits map was approved. The map is on display in town hall.

  2. Proposed zoning for areas annexed 8/17/05 was approved.

  3. A request by Waterford Park LLC to rezone a parcel in the Lincoln Industrial Park from industrial to multi-family was withdrawn by Cape Fear Engineering, representative for Waterford Park LLC.

  4. A proposed request for extraterritorial jurisdiction (tabled since 9/05 for survey of town limits) for two parcels of Port Authority land by the Belville Elementary school was cancelled.

  5. The Vision to Action (VTA) Group was hired to guide the town through the development of a comprehensive plan.
  1. Amendments to zoning ordinance approved

  2. The Town Board voted unanimously 11/14/05 to approve two text amendments to the zoning ordinance as follows:

    • Create a new section 12.11.1 entitled "Second Row Business along state highway"

    • Change the definition of a PUD in article 19, section 2 to include "attached dwelling units, town homes or condominiums"
  1. Voted to approve the provisions of the proposed text amendment to Article VI, Section E (Voting) of Ordinance No. 64 (Belville Planning Board Rules of Procedure) and to recommend to the Board of Commissioners that they also adopt the proposed text amendment.
  2. Voted to approve the provisions of the proposed text amendment to Article 18 (Amendment Procedure) of the Town of Belville Zoning Ordinance to have those provisions conform with the provisions of G.S. 160A-364;-384 and to recommend to the Board of Commissioners that they also adopt the proposed text amendment.
  1. Voted to approve the request to rezone 34.39 acres located in the Lincoln Industrial Park from Industrial to Business Highway with a written recommendation to the Board of Commissioners requiring a buffer.
  2. Voted to task Town Attorney with the composition of proposed text amendments concerning quorum, supermajority, and notification of public hearings.
  1. Approved the Final Plat Application for Magnolia Business Park, to be located in the Lincoln Industrial Park.
  1. Approved Preliminary Plat and Site Plan Application for Magnolia Business Park, to be located in the Lincoln Industrial Park
  1. Voted to deny the request by the Fairmont Corporation for special use as a PUD (River Oaks) on the basis that it does not meet the general terms of conformity with zoning ordinance of the Town of Belville.
  1. Voted to deny consideration of the request for Waterford Park LLC to rezone 34.39 acres located in Lincoln Industrial Park from Industrial to Multi-Family and that the recommendation to deny the zoning request be forwarded to the Board of Commissioners.
  2. Voted to adopt the text amendment to the Town of Belville zoning ordinance authorizing the Board of Commissioners to adopt temporary development moratoria that is consistent with the recommendations provided in the strategic plan.
  1. Town Administrator Elizabeth Rollinson administered the Oath of Office to Planning Board Member Scott Milligan.
  2. Voted to remand without prejudice the Fairmont application back to the client with instructions to work with the town staff and Attorney Eldridge to complete the application.
  1. Voted to change the Planning Board meeting date from the 3rd Tuesday of each month to the 3rd Wednesday of each month.
  2. Voted to hold the April elections of Perry Davis as chairman and John Thompson as vice chairman as is until May of 2007.
  3. Voted to continue the hearing with Fairmont Corporation for a Planned Unit Development (PUD) - River Oaks until the next meeting of the Planning Board on Wednesday, July 19th at 6 pm with the understanding that the applicant will, at that time, provide the following:
    • Documented effort to preserve as many live oak trees as possible - also considering canopy of trees.
    • Define building pad footprints.
    • Explain how walking trails in open spaces will be connected.
    • Clarification and proof of whether the pond is classified as surface water, i.e. "waters of the US".
    • Written clarification/proof of who owns the property and whether Fairmont Corporation is authorized to act as agent for the owner.
    • Clarification/sketch of format of left turn lane from southbound Highway 133 onto proposed River Oak Wynd.
    • Remove commercial use - may classify as amenity for internal use.
    • Show density calculation - proof of compliance with ordinance.
  4. Voted to recommend to the Belville Board of Commissioners the adoption of the text amendment and to include a statement of recognition that the purpose of the Public and Institutional district is to comply with the request of the Board of Education in pursuit of Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) over three parcels of land containing the Belville Elementary School and one the ETJ is granted, the zoning map shall be amended to include this district.
  1. The regular meeting of the Planning Board of the Town of Belville was cancelled due to a conflict on the part of the chairman.
  1. Mayor Long administered the Oath of Office to new appointees Perry Davis and Michael Jefferson.
  2. Perry Davis was elected as chairman and John Thompson as vice chairman.
  3. Vagn Hansen, planner with the NC Department of Commerce, was introduced. Mr. Hansen will be providing the town with planning services through a special arrangement offered to small towns by the Department of Commerce.
  4. Requested joint workshop with Board of Commissioners on ETJ request
  1. Voted to propose an amendment to the PUD ordinance to eliminate commercial use within a PUD in a residential district and have the PUD conform with underlying zoning districts.
  2. Voted to schedule a public hearing for the April 26th meeting for the purpose of the draft National Flood Prevention Ordinance.

Voted on following as priorities for the Planning Board:

  • Align ordinances to support our intent to have no multi-family housing fronting highway 133, south of Old River Road (# 5).
  • Zoning for ETJ area ( # 16).
  • PUD corrections regarding density 3.3 units per acre for underlying R-10 zoning and comparable open space (# 18).
  • Board of Adjustment ( # 19).
  • Code Enforcement Officer - needs to be given ability to issue citations through zoning ordinance ( #20).

The planning board held a special meeting/public hearing on the proposed Services Policy for road maintenance and street lights. The planning board recommended the following to the Board of Commissioners

  • All definitions be removed from the policy and embedded in the Belville Words and Terms document.
  • The three duplicate definitions under "streets" in the Belville Words and Terms document be removed.
  • Include items addressed at public hearing.

  1. The Planning Board voted to reschedule the public hearing on the Belville Transportation Overlay Zone to the January 25 meeting

  2. The Planning Board met with the Vision To Action Group hired by the Board of Commissioners to develop a comprehensive Plan. Topics were a shared understanding of the strategic planning model that the Belville Board of Commissioners will use to develop a five year plan, and prioritized list of the critical issues/items that the Planning Board feels must be addressed in this 5 year plan:

Belville Planning Board's Critical Issue List
(Prioritized by Board vote)

  • 6 - Develop a master plan for downtown development
  • 4 - Decisions on what our neighborhoods should look like. (sidewalks, gutters, street lights, etc.)
  • 4 - Develop a shared vision for the town by all stakeholders
  • 3 - Address the intersection at 133 and 74/76
  • 3 - Create unified development ordinances
  • 3 - Establish Belville as an inclusive community in a way that creates a sense of community among the resident
  • 3 - Create a core land use plan
  • 2 - Maintaining the aesthetics and the environment
  • 2 - Address road maintenance and road safety issues
  • 2 - Decide how much control we want to have in determining the town's future state
  • 1 - Improvement of relationships with surrounding towns and governments
  • 1 - Address taxes and how they relate to actual services. "What does the money pay for?"
  • 1 - Developing standards for preserving the aesthetics of our area
  • 1 - Speed limits on highway 133
  • 1 - Develop a strong mechanism for improving community involvement (cottage mtgs., community events, etc.)
  • 1 - Address the land use density issues
  • 1 - Consider the options for public transportation (i.e. bus system)
  • 1 - Standards for the waterfront area
  • 0 - Consider the flood zone impacts on roadways
  • 0 - Address the general ordinances
  • 0 - Spotlight the purpose and benefits of being a community
  • 0 - Address the cost of town administration
* All items listed were issues that face Belville. The items above the line were selected by the Planning Board as most critical.