The Town of Belville welcomes new businesses and is always open to working with local firms in our area.


TOB 195

Belville Riverwalk Gate Card Key Agreement

TOB 189

Town Hall Facility Use Form 062021

BCE 160

Demolition/Moving Structure Permit

BCE 172

House Moving
Food Vendors Application 2024
Vendor Application 2024
NC Sales and Use Tax License Form


PAYMENT INFORMATION The Town of Belville accepts Mastercard, Visa and Discover. Please note that a 3% processing fee has been added to your transaction total.  After your transaction is complete, you will be redirected to our homepage. If you need assistance, please contact Town Hall at (910)371-2456.


BCZ 136

Authority for Appointment of Agent to Act on Owner’s Behalf

BCZ 137

Appeal to Board of Adjustment

BCZ 138

Appeal to Board of Commissioners

BCZ 139

Certificate of Zoning Compliance Application

BCZ 143

Special Use Permit Application

BCZ 143A

Modification of a Special Use Permit

BCZ 144

Rezoning Request Application

BCZ 145

Preliminary Plat & Site Application

BCZ 146

Final Plat Application Rev. 8/27/2019

BCZ 162

Application for Variance Before the Board of Adjustment

BCZ 163

Temporary Sign Permit Application

BCZ 168

Sign Permit/Ext. Change in Commercial Buildings Application

BCZ 170

Pre Application Meeting Request

BCZ 179

Application For Text Amendment To Zoning Ordinance

BCZ 181

Zoning Schedule of Fees


TOB 113

Application for Employment

TOB 126

Application for Board/Commission Appointment

TOB 126A

Application for Committee Appointment

TOB 168

Vendor Application Form

TOB 189

Town Hall Facility Use Form

TOB 190

Request for Information Form


Special Events Permit Application

TOB 192

Shelter Reservation Application

TOB 193

Donation Application Form

TOB 194

Filming Permit Application

TOB 195

BeLVILLE Riverwalk Gate Card Key Agreement

TOB 196

Farmers Market Permit Application

TOB 196

Farmers Market Rules and Regulations


W-9 Form